­(Duñaiturria y Estancona)­­­­


Created in 1939 and in 1948 it moved to Zeharmendieta street, 2 of Durango (Bizkaia), present facilities of CMI Aeronáutica.


As manufacturer of Machine Tools, during its early years it developed different types of machines, such as for example: Boring Machines, Column Borers, Horizontal Lathes, Bridge-Brushes and Broaching Machines.

In turn, in 1948 José Estancona built a car for his personal use since at that time there were no cars produced in Spain, and from this arose an idea that took shape in the year 1951 creating two prototypes of cars and a truck to attempt their mass manufacturing, but after several years of promoting this idea, the project could not be carried out, due to the opposition of other non-Spanish brands that were trying to be introduced in the national market, and finally the pressures on the Administration managed to veto the project.


­Therefore, from the year 1956, DYE concentrated fully on the manufacturing of Machine Tools, developing its own DYE technology and specialising in large machines, of the bridge milling machine and vertical lathe type.


Among its different projects, we can highlight, for example, the fabrication of a Bridge Milling Machine in the year 1968 to machine the wings of the “Boeing 747” airplane (the first commercial airplane with a wide fuselage, the longest and heaviest).

In the 1970s and 1980s, DYE was consolidated as one of the most important manufacturers of Machine Tools, with delegations in America, Europe and Asia.


Today, CMI Aeronáutica develops its new projects based on DYE technology and on the experience acquired during 60 years in the sector, but at the same time, seeking innovations, adapting to the new technologies and to the needs of each customer.


Machine Tools: Bridge Milling Machines, Vertical Lathes and Vertical Boring Machines

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